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Hunger is a Goliath that threatens the future of countless African children. But the giant can be slain with your help. Hunger can be eradicated from the land. Imagine the continent of Africa, with more than fifty nations living above the poverty line. Imagine the joy of parents and children who finally have enough to eat. It’s happening. We know because for over twenty years Father’s Heart has been feeding and educating African children. We see a turnaround, but we can’t stop here. With your financial support, we can continue to bring a new future to the hungry children of Africa. Click to donate, and we’ll give vulnerable children a future. Then, you’ll know that the giant is coming down. And we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Vitimin enriched porige


This is a pastor and his son who distributed food for FHAfrica to needy children in the Chipata providence of Zambia.

Hungry but Grateful children


One of the first steps to bringing health to African children is a meal. Then they will smile.

Education is a path up and out of poverty


including the gospel

Education is hugh, but it must be the right kind. Our emphasis is on teaching students to think critically and creatively. These are learning characteristics that will help create entrepreneurs and business minded adults.

Josef and Tom purchase vitamin-enriched porridge for Africans.

Men with Passion

Josef Rousek and Dr. Tom Griner

Josef Rousek and Dr. Tom Griner founded Father’s Heart International-Africa. In this photo, they plan to purchase porridge from a local company in Lusaka, Zambia. The food is then vitamin-enriched and packaged in 22kg bags for distribution.

100%Difference Made

Help slay the giant of hunger in Africa

Join us. In twenty-five years, we have helped and educated thousands of Africans.


This is one of the most important things we can do. Feeding and educating give all a future and hope. It’s just that simple. Be their champion; join with us to make it happen.

One hard-boiled egg a day is incredible in the African context. The cost is 10 cents per egg. Feed 100 children for one day for $10.

As funds allow, we provide school supplies for the students. Sponsor a student for $15.

Parents carry the burden for their children. So, we teach then how to start their own businesses. An entrepreneur seminar is $350.

Preparing porridge in the rural parts of Zambia.

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